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Redline and Redline - Glico Petrol Pump Globes

Redline was a brand of the Union Petroleum Products Co Ltd. This company later renamed to "The Redline Motor Spirit Co Ltd" and in 1931 it merged with Glico Ltd to become Redline-Glico Ltd. The first two petrol pump globes pre date the merger of 1931 whilst the last 2 globes were introduced in 1935. Large ball shaped globes were used in the 1920's and 1930's for additional advertising purposes and were usually fitted to high posts or a perimeter wall.

Photograph of a Redline Motor Spirit advertisement dated 1936
Redline Motor Spirit advertisement dated 1936, the globe depicted on the right was a style introduced in 1934, and the globe on the left was introduced in 1935.
Photograph of a Redline Super Petrol Pump Globe
'Redline Super' pill shaped petrol pump globe pre dating 1930.
Photograph of a Redline Commercial Petrol Pump Globe
In 1930 a new shaped globe was introduced if the form of an angled arrowhead and although seen in many old photographs the actual globe is extremely rare.
Photograph of a Redline Super Petrol Pump Globe
Redline Super petrol pump globe in a style dating to 1935.

With thanks to Marc and Laura

Photograph of a Redline Petrol Pump Globe
Seen at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu this Redline petrol pump globe style dates to 1935.
Photograph of a Redline Commercial Petrol Pump Globe
Redline Commercial ball shaped globe, originally this brand was called Ensign Motor Spirit and was renamed in the late 1920's. Large ball shaped globes were used for additional advertising purposes around garage forecourts and were usually fitted high on a post or on a perimeter wall.

With thanks to Marc and Laura

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