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The image showing on each site page for this period is of a 1960's scene at a VIP Service Station
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Site contributions are always welcomed. If you do send in images would you please email the largest possible size as this will help us to crop and re-size but to still maintain image quality and detail which is important. Also please include any relevant information such as dates etc and also whether you would like a photographic credit. Please click here for more details about submitting images.
Image Contributions

Your contributions are important and welcomed. Each image sent in helps to make the past a little bit clearer.

If sending images please send as large as possible without any cropping as many images received are either too small or have been cropped to near the subject matter to make tham usable. Images between 1500 and 3000 pixels are preferred. Also we may not be able to use your image if it is out of focus or taken in a bad light.

We do not assume copyright of any image sent in but we do reserve the right to use any image to give the best use and effect for Vintage Garage, and to retain that use. We are pleased to give photo credits but some contributors prefer to remain anonymous. We will assume the former unless you inform us otherwise.

It is our practice now to mark the image in some way to help promote Vintage Garage, and also to deter copying. Examples of this marking can be seen across the site.

Where possible, please let us have any dates, makers names or model numbers or any other detail which will help to explain your images.

We take this opportunity of saying thanks to all those contributors who have given so generously in the past.

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